Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Adventures

Summer so far has been an absolute blast! I just returned from a full week of technology free camp, which was amazing, and am currently in Las Vegas visiting family. A few friends and I have created a summer bucket list that I am just dying to finish (though we planned so many things it's impossible.) From ideas such as cooking Pinterest recipes to diy craft days to starting up a book club, our summer bucket list has it all.

Just the other day we already started our summer adventures by going to the lake for a picnic. These girls are some of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for and I'm so glad I get to spend my summer days with them!

From left to right is Kayla, McKenna and Nadia (then me) and each of them are amazing!
(For the fashion side of my blog I just wanna add that I am also obsessed with one piece swimsuits with a skirt attached. It frames my body super well and is really cute! )
Our picnic was just as delicious as it was random. We had fried chicken, sushi and a veggie platter that just hit the spot! After eating we played around taking lots of cute pics.

And to finish it off, we got to watch fireworks and have the perfect end to a perfect day! 

So my summer adventures have just begun and I promise to upload much more, from fashion posts to some planned DIY posts, I hope you guys stay tuned! 
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