Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to: Gel Nails

Many of you have probably heard of gel nails. Essentially you are able to paint your nails with a stronger nail polish that won't chip as easily. If you are someone who always has to have their nails done, but who doesn't want to spend a lot of money going to a nail salon, investing in a gel nails at home kit would be something to look at.
I currently use the gelish brand UV light (shown above) and it works perfectly! I know many UV lights can be pretty pricey, but look at some local nail shops/beauty shops and you might find some really good deals!

 Make sure to get a base coat and a top coat for your nails as it helps strengthen your nail polish and helps it last longer. However if you decide to get the Gelaze brand, the color nail polish doubles as a base coat so you'd only need the top coat! :)
 So basically its incredibly simple. Just apply the base coat/foundation coat and put your nails under the UV light and press the button until the light turns off. And repeat those steps with the color  polish and the top coat and voila, you're finished!
So what do you think about gel nails? I absolutely love them :) They should last about 3 or more weeks, however you need to get them wet as little as possible to help them last longer. Wear gloves while washing the dishes and don't go swimming everyday and they should last you a long time! Tell me what your experiences are with gel nails, and what else you would like seeing on my blog!


  1. My friend had them and they looked so good and stayed for so long! The only problem is that we're not even allowed to wear nail polish at school, and gel nails are so pricey. Anyway, I love your blog.


    1. Wow that's a really weird dress code policy! That is too bad :( and yes I agree they are more expensive, that's for sure.
      Thanks for the comment and reading my blog <3

  2. What a great post,love it!
    Your blog is always so awesome!

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love your blog too, so it means a lot :)

  3. wonderful nails:)! love B&W:) please visit me in free time:)

  4. you look very beautiful
    love the nails, so simple but classy
    great blog girl!