Monday, July 28, 2014

July Favorites

So it's about the end of July and I've gotta say I've had an amazing month! I'm kind of dreading the start of school in August, but I will probably be doing some back to school posts, so look forward to those! Here are just the top 5 things I've been enjoying this month that I've decided to share with you. :) So lets get started.

#5 Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray

Since I've cut my hair, I've been using this spray a lot! I know beach spray on some people actually makes their hair slightly wavy, but not on my hair at all... However I use this spray as it adds a lot of texture and volume to my normally flat hair. So if you have very fine hair like I do, sea salt spray may add some volume you need! (As an added plus, the smell is absolutely amazing, like a coconut paradise)

 #4 Physicians Formula Blush - Rose

So this isn't the best blush in the world, however for the price it is quite good! I find that it has been the perfect color on my skin. I normally blend the darker sections (right half) rather than the lighter side. I've been using this for a while now and it's been staple in my makeup routine for this month! 

#3 Buxom Darkest Black Mascara 

Ok I can not get over how much I absolutely love Buxom mascara. It lengthens and seperates my lashes to perfection! I'm a fan of the fanned out seperated lashes more than the clunky kind, so this mascara was and is perfect for my everyday routine! And as a bonus it is only $19.00 vs the other competing brands that are like $25 or more! I highly recommend this brand. (Also the lip glosses are TO DIE FOR. I'll have to have a whole different post about those because they are just, amazing)

#2 Jamba Juice

Ok Jamba Juice has seriously become my best friend this month. It's healthy and delicious, what more can a girl ask for? I know there are a lot of us who don't like spending a lot of money (*cough* like me *cough) so I've also been just making my own smoothies and shakes, but really Jamba Juice has me beat and I still go there for an extra healthy treat sometimes! 

 #1 My New Pet Budgie

This is Piko, we got him about two weeks ago! Let me tell you, he is absolutely adorable! I am in love with him already... Who am I kidding I was in love with him from the moment I first laid eyes on him. I've made sure to play with him for over an hour a day to make our bond strong and keep him from getting too bored as we don't have a second budgie and these birds love company! Perhaps someday we will find him a partner, but for now I am focusing on getting his love and trust as I am learning more about him and budgies in general! 

So what has been your favorite thing(s) this month? And have you tried any of the products I use? Let me know in the comments below. :)


  1. Loved this Chelsea! Piko is too cute >.<

  2. amazing post<3
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  3. Awww, your new little budgie is adorable! I absolutely love birds!

    x Michelle |

    1. Thank you! Birds are seriously adorable ♡♡